Branding the Bling: Is this the best we can do for budding young lady nerds?

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article, Industry by Industry: How to Move Forward, that detailed key actions that could be taken to aid women in various industries. Naturally, the recommendations regarding science and technology caught my eye. In fact, one recommendation in particular. Continue reading


Equal Pay Day, I’m sorry I missed you this year (NSFW)

As always, I’m late to the party (Canada’s Equal Pay Day was in March, this year), but did you know that, on average, Canadian women’s wages did not match those of their male counterparts’ for 2010 until mid-March, 2011? That’s an extra two and a half months of work, ladies. Continue reading

Good comedy requires no explanation

Scott Adams’ March 27th blog post, I’m a what, is whelmingly anticlimactic. (If you’re not familiar, Scott Adams is the author of Dilbert. There, you already love or hate him.) This recent post details the reason why he chose to delete a slightly less-recent blog post after it received much negative attention from the blogosphere. Continue reading

The Motherhood Penalty

I’ve had men tell me to my face that given the choice between equally-qualified male and female candidates for a job, they would always choose the male candidate. The reason? Predictably, that the woman is more likely to take maternity leave and to be the primary caregiver for her children than the man. Continue reading

Creation of computer games an effective teaching tool for girls and boys, alike

Last November, researchers at the University of Alberta published an interesting finding in the ongoing mission to reveal what on earth might bring girls to be more excited about computing science. Through a joint effort between the Computing Science and Education departments, Mike Carbonaro, Duane Szafron, Maria Cutumisu and Jonathan Schaeffer discovered a gender-neutral activity … Continue reading

Hear that? It’s the sound of something awesome.

As a woman in computer science, I’m often asked about the challenges I’ve faced in becoming part of a male-dominated field. I have to be honest and say, I haven’t faced a lot of challenges solely as a result of my gender. I think people are disappointed by this response. They want to hear inspirational anecdotes about how I overcame adversity. They want me to be some kind of pioneer. But I’m not. Continue reading