Distance Team Building: How I learned to stop worrying and love Diablo III

Something will immediately stand out to you about this talk: it was originally presented at last year’s BarCamp Saskatoon event. A lot has changed since then. The development team that was originally two has become three (with two thirds of us residing in Saskatoon). My own dedication to Diablo III has waned (much to the displeasure of my teammate). And, our latest team-building endeavours involve fewer Skype coffee sessions and more video games: next week we’re embarking on a new adventure within the world of Civ V (an update regarding this new endeavour will surely follow).

Here are a few things to note prior to viewing this video:

  • Apparently, the flight between Saskatoon and Toronto only takes about three hours. I stand by my estimate of four or five hours (security is a nightmare!).
  • If you were in attendance at my talk and you still haven’t read Peopleware, you really should. Maybe you can find an autographed copy, too!
  • If watching/listening to narrated slide decks isn’t your thing, I understand. The short version of the story is that online gaming might be one of the most fun team building exercise I’ve taken part in, to date, and it’s perfect for teams dispersed over great distances.
  • And, finally, Led Zeppelin is undeniably top-shelf musical accompaniment for Diablo III.

With that, enjoy!


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